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Friday, May 26, 2006 @ 9:07 AM

Had to blog about this.

Had the most fucking scary nightmare i've ever had in my whole life. Yet.

Imagine being hit by a tsunami while holidaying somewhere with all my beloved classmates.

We were walking leisurely along the brim of the beach, all of us Gamma students and Yoke Yin (clasping Eric's hand, as usual).

We came to a wall, and we just lined up, and leaned against it, enjoying the scenery and the view.

Then all of a sudden, when it was all peaceful and everything, the sea started to get wavy.

We started to head back, but the Tsunami was fast. Faster than us.

A small one came first.

We hung on to each other.

Then the SECOND one came. This one was the strong one.

We were washed away. I could hear Joan yelling, "SWIM! SWIM! SWIM TO THE BEACH!"

So I swam. And I finally reached the beach.

I saw Yee Lin and Sylvia and Ka Peng and Andrew and Dereck there... but where were the others?!

"WHERE'S JOAN?" I shrieked.

The beach was horribly empty.

I went in a fit of hysterics, screaming and shouting here and there.

Then suddenly , from the top of the staircase that led to the beach, I SAW A PAIR OF SCANTILY CLAD LEGS STICKING UPWARDS IN THE CLEAR BLUE SEA!

And I was sure they were Joan's cause' no one had skinnier legs than that.

So I rushed to the lifehouse place, and I called the lifeguard to get a raft or something, but the lifeguard was sitting slumped, lifeless, in his place!

Finally, this fat indian dude managed to get a raft and go search for any survivors.

We waited, and held hands, and prayed for the lives of our classmates.

After the long wait, the raft came back full of people. I looked carefully, and I saw Joan and looked around for Huai cause I knew she couldn't swim and I was worried. But thankfully, I saw her sitting next to Joan and the others.

Yoke Yin was there. And I was like," ERIC leh?" ... And Yoke Yin shook her head.

I knew what that meant.

Eric was gone.

Minutes later, I realized someone else was missing. Tian Yi!

"WHERE'S ADAM?" I shrieked .

And Joan, bringing me to sit down, told me...

"He drowned while trying to save Huai," she said.

Everyone cried for Tian Yi and Eric.

Somehow I couldn't believe Tian Yi and Eric were gone.


Wah, that nightmare so scary, can?


That shows how much you guys mean to me :(

p/s : I will miss you, Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton. Will miss reading your posts :( Don't leave! :(