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Sunday, May 14, 2006 @ 9:56 PM
Happy Mother's Day.

Gawd, I am SOOO pooped. After hours and hours of studying, I FINALLY GAVE UP !!

So I followed Mom and Bro to Selayang Makro, where Wilson finally got his phone after hours and weeks of begging. *I got it first* MWAHAHAHAHA

This is my best friend, my baby, my secret-keeper, the one who listens to me when I cry, the one who licks up all the salty tears and comforts me with a hug every time I get home.


I love my Candy. And she loves me too. Awwwwww....

Look at her smiling at the camera :)

We went to Secret Recipe for Mothers' Day lunch, where I paid for the bill.

*WILSON, YOU STILL OWE ME RM18.50 you a**hole!*

*Bluey whistles*

Happy Mothers' Day mom! Mommy dearest and Godma shared a very animated talk while me and Wilson ate our beef lasagna :) *Yummy*

*Burp* Stewie, none left for you :P

I know I don't sound like myself lately ...

Brain is just too fucked up for words.

Will be myself again after the freaking exam. :)

Love you people who've wished me luck *my MSN keeps flooding up*