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Tuesday, May 09, 2006 @ 6:19 PM
Finally getting my phone....

Quote of the day: En. Abu Hassan - "CERAI! CERAI!" *pulls apart tables* "CERAI!!!"

I am finally getting my DREAM PHONE!

Finally, after SO MANY YEARS!

I'm getting a NEW PHONE!

*Overcome with emotion*

Just been to the phone shop to finally hold my dream phone - the Nokia 3250. There's no pink or silver or green... just ordinary black, but I don't mind. Black's a nice color.

It looked so small - smaller than what it looked like from the website and the magazines.


The guy even demonstrated it's music playing abilities - he downloaded this weird chinese song called Superwoman and played it from it's speakers - not as powerful as the Sony Ericcson walkman, but still, good enough :)

I wish wish wish that phone was mine RIGHT NOW!

I wanna download stuff in it and bring it to school!


Since i'm so very happy today, I'll go do the BFB's work with a smile on my face!

See ya!