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Sunday, May 07, 2006 @ 6:23 PM
I so want that phone.

I so want the Nokia phone!!!

I forgot its name again..

Nokia 35xx

The one where the keypad can like swivel 180 degrees one...

The one featured in Rihanna's SOS music video and The Click Five's Catch Your Wave video...

Damn cool..

You can buy like, additional 1GB of space, that can store like 300 songs?

But if I ever get Mom or Dad to get me that phone, my brother will get upset. Very upset.

So evil, can?

The last phone Dad and Mom had bought for me was like, four years ago. It's a Nokia 7210, currently beat up, scratched, and cacat.

Seriously cacat.

It won't accept my Sim Card like about four times a day, and it will blackout for a few seconds before turning on by itself again, and sometimes when it's on, and fully charged, the stupid battery will like go down by itself. (Yes lar, I know it's the battery problem for this one, but a person can exaggerate, right ;) ? )

The receptor also damn cacat. Sometimes, when I fish out my phone from my pocket, I will find that the receptor line is like, zero. And I have to restart my phone, and then the SMS'es that I was supposed to receive the day before, or the hours before, or the missed calls start pouring in.


Like, if got emergency or what, like my parents or my friends want to call me for something important or life-threatening, got this kind of lousy phone how to contact me like that?

I don't mind if my parents complain.

Mom: This kind of thing ar.. you get also no use. You will lose your phone soon wan, I tell you!

Me: I won't lah! I'm not that careless as you say I am.

Dad: Don't get all this rubbish 3G phones ar, you know, because they no use wan!

Me: The phone I want is not 3G wan, no need to worry. It's a phone that can last me around 4 years more. (I hope not :P )

Mom: Haiya, I no money lar how? Wait for school holidays first!

Me: (Thinking: School holiday so far awaaay! Don't want!!)

As I said, I don't mind, but my -removed due to complaints by said little brother-.

I tricked him earlier that I'd gotten a new phone over the phone, and he -stuff removed- didn't like that very much.

I hate my little brother :)