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Saturday, May 06, 2006 @ 4:12 PM
I so totally wanna kick myself..

Yesterday, I envisioned myself locked up in my room the whole day, lying on my bed and reading Sejarah until Chapter Four of the Form Five syllabus, but nooo..

I ended up following my Mom and my brother to the Curve on hopes of buying the latest Jane Green or Meg Cabot book from Borders.


In fact, the trip was in vain for me, because all we did was buy the freaking huge printer, asked for assistance to bring that freaking printer on a trolley to our car in the carpark, ponder if we should leave the printer in the backseat of the car (because it wouldn't fit in the boot) and go up to shop, or go home.

In the end, we were all so grumpy that I went, in a fit of anger, "Let's just go home lah! Like that so noisy!!" Then mom sort of agreed.

Now when I thought back, I wanted to slap myself for saying that.

I should have said, "Lets go home, then afterwards come again."

So stupid, can!

I wanted to buy a pair of shoes too. You know, those nice white-and-pink or white-and-red Adidas ones that really match with your skirt and pants or whatever?

Plus, I also wanted nice girly slippers. Preferrably with just short heels. Heels that won't make me fall, of course, since my old slippers are now sitting in the shoe cupboard, dirty, yucky and sticky after i'd wore them to Jinjang. Stupid mistake.

Mom summore said that the slippers can't be washed!!! AARGH!

So i'm stuck with my old, oversized, broken, blue Nike slippers that had been bought like, what, five years ago?


As you guys know, i've had a haircut :)

Here you are. :D

And now, for the hideous old me.

Well. I am still hideous.

But I not as hideous as before.

All agree?

Yup. I am happy. :P

Okay. That's enough of me cam-whoring. Now. Off to play maple study :)