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Monday, May 08, 2006 @ 8:33 PM
Of Fun And Laughter..

Today was supposed to be a day of stress, pressure and worries of the coming mid year exams. The harsh reminder from Mr.Chew at assembly should have scared us to the bone.

It did. But only for a few seconds.

BM was seriously annoying. Pn.J was in a very bad mood - since last Friday. She gave us like 12 whole pages of KOMSAS questions out of our stupid workbook, and then proceeded to sit down to listen to Huai's oral while we just sat and gaped at the whiteboard with our mouths wide open.


The BFB (short for Big Fat B*tch) had put a downer on all of us. She got pissed at us because, quote, "You people are seriously too much!", end quote, and quote, "You are taking me for granted!", end quote.

It's like she regarded herself like she's Santa or Saint Mary or something. My foot.

Then, she gave us like four pieces of homework to do, all to be handed in by TOMORROW.

"I don't care, if you don't do your work, there will be community service for the whole Form 5 Gamma!" She said, as she handed out the worksheets. Eh... so cruel! WTF?! I mean, like, ENGLISH ISN'T THE ONLY SUBJECT FOR SPM AND THE MID YEAR EXAM YOU KNOW!? WE'RE LIKE, SO FREE AH?


Get a life, can?

We were getting kind of restless at Maths lesson. Teacher gave us worksheet on Probability. Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy. :D

Chemistry time was ... chaos. Just watching Joan fight with Tian Yi or Ling Kit or Andrew made us all crack up - even Cikgu. Laughed until got stomach ache.

At one point Andrew laugh until cannot breathe, then he SNORTED!

Like pig snort!

He made us laugh even harder.

Then, we found out that Tian Yi could like, move his tongue up and down really fast. Like lizard! His abilities really match his Adam...

Joan made up this quote :

Don't Bend It Like BECKHAM! Flick it like ADAM!!

Ling Kit : "OMG! SHE IS GOOOD!" Then proceeded to laugh his evil laugh again.

If YouTube permits, then i'll post the vid up here! :P

I guess this is all for today ..

Need to do BFB's work!