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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 @ 11:24 AM
Happy Birthday Joan!.

Quote of the Day : Otanjoubi Omedetto BONE-CHAN!

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This girl is 16 YEARS OLD today!

She's stunned us all with her horniness, evilness, goodness and her witty and funny random quotes (like the one mentioned two posts earlier).

She's been the one that helped us all through boring lessons, creating chaos in class (especially during Chemistry), and she's the one who usually sleeps in class too, causing all the teachers (especially Mr.W) to pick on her all the time.

She never fails to crack us up when we're bored...

She never fails to tease Tian Yi about his Adam...

She never fails to eat more than us too.

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But whatever it is...

We do love you, Joan.

Me, Hua and you have been together since the day we were born.

We played together, we did everything together.

And you always were the one protecting us :)

And we just wanna say, Happy Birthday, Joan!

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