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Thursday, May 11, 2006 @ 9:20 PM
The Great Wall Of GAMMA.

Quote of the Day:
Winnie- Eh look! It's the Great Wall Of CHINA!
Andrew- No lah (shuffling) it's the Great Wall Of GAMMA!

You're wondering why am I having such a weird title today, aren't you?

Well, a few days ago, in class, (when the Famous Four : Kaisin, Ka Peng, Yeelin and Sylvia) were absent, we sort of joined lots of tables together in one row so that we could have a friendship bond! :) It really worked too. Joan kept cracking us up with her silly jokes, and Andrew and Ling Kit in front constantly supplied us with horny remarks and comments.

At first it was five tables, with Suzanne, Hua, Me, Joan and Lynette. We were happily listening to Pn. Zuhrah tell us something about kasih sayang when Dereck suddenly screamed, "PRINCIPAL ARR!"

Boy, did we dismantle fast enough. Huai "flew" to the other end of the room, while I slid at the back, and Joan, Lynette and Suzanne hurriedly pulled the tables apart.

It was less than five seconds, Dereck said.

Chew looked in at us, paused for a second, then walked away.


Well, today, we joined about eight or nine tables together, comprising of Suzanne, Me, Lynette, Joan, Hua, Eric, Kaisin and Kapeng. Thus, we filled out the whole width of the classroom, leaving only a tiny space for people to pass back to the seats behind.

Well, there's always the back door :P


Countdown: TWO more days till I get MY NEW PHONE!