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Friday, May 12, 2006 @ 9:30 PM
My New Phone Is Heeere!.

Quote Of The Day - Winnie : "Um, how much is the Nokia 3260? " *pause as girl stares at me like i've got something on my face* "......Oops."

It is so frigging gorgeous and it's like so frigging beeauutiiifoool!

Never seen such a beautiful phone in my life.

Here's the first photo I took from my phone. It's not so clear, but still, I LIKE!

Haha. Wilson posed like, so blur, while I was *absentmindedly* looking at the camera! Took a few photos earlier but all of them were much much much more blur than this photo !

Anyway :D , i'm a really super fucking HAPPY girl!

I've got A NICE PHONE!

Makes me wanna sing.

Oh wait. I can open my songs list on my phone and blast The Click Five out loud. *Sniggers*

Here's something I wanna show you people!

Two promising dancers, both from the SriKL dancing group called Adagio.

The one in the white shirt is Choon Wai and the one who's in the cap and Quiksilver duds (the one who did the handstand) is Melvin (aka. my pet Grandfather).

Gotta go play with my Nokia.

Mwahhs! I love you Daddy for getting me the phone! :)