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Thursday, May 25, 2006 @ 10:04 PM
A Very Bitchy Post.


Uh huh, it's over.

The mid year exams are over!!!

Now, two whole weeks of HOLIDAYS!!

Think of all the things we can do!

Fun in the sun, shopping, lazing at home, playing, eating, pigging out...

There's so much we can do, and still, SO LITTLE TIME!

Whatever, people, be it rain, or shine, we are so going to have some FUN after two-to-three weeks of slogging over books, poring over mathemathical and chemical equations and memorizing historical dates. We are finally FREE!!!

Mom: Wah, you ar, after this exam ar, like after SPM like that.

Can't help it right.


Anyway, referring to today's post title, I can't help but share something really personal with you people. I'm going to tell you one of my very very very long secrets i've never told ANYONE in my life.

I've hated this certain girl for quite a while now, and the hatred is getting stronger by the day. I mean, she is like... the biggest bitch i've ever known, and for all this while she's been hiding under her shell, acting so innocent.

She's the nosiest person ever, and yet, you still won't know that.

Everything also want to know.

Even though when it's not concerning her.

I know she won't read my blog so i'll be open here.

But I think those of you who know me very well in school sure know who she is.

Been acting coldly towards her for the past few weeks.

And she's in no way related to me.

Don't wanna remember her any more after SPM.

I'm such a good friend.

But she's been such a bad friend to me.



I think you guys have seen enough of my bad side for now :(

*breathes in and out slowly*

Relax, Bluey, relax.

Gonna go Sunway on Tuesday! Gonna relax with my besties.

5 Gamma ROCKS!

And she's not gonna be there for the better part of it for once.

Sounds nice :)

Good night, Malaysia.

Have two weeks of good, clean (don't do things I wouldn't do), fun.