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Saturday, May 20, 2006 @ 3:53 PM
Exams = shit..

Exam countdown : 4 more days (three for me :D ), 11 more papers to go (eight left for me :P)

I can almost hear Huai going,"Screw you, woman! You dropped PHYSICS!"

Now, why didn't you drop it too, hmm?

You might have noticed the lack of Photoshopped (or if you think, over-Photoshopped) pictures lately. I've been too busy to actually lay a finger (or the mouse) over the Photoshop icon which is now sitting, rotting, on my computer's desktop.

And.. look at my FACE! After all these days of studying...


Kidding.. :P

But i've got eyebags like eyebags you've never seen before . (Not gonna show it to you).

Admit it girls. We love camwhoring. Even Joan, who doesn't admit it. :P

Cheesus.. My Photoshop skills are going kaput.

Seriously need to spend the holidays regaining them.

I have also made a few resolutions :

1) I will study during the holidays .

2) I will not glue my butt to the computer chair and my eyes to the computer screen 24/7.

3) I will try to blog more often (without gluing myself to the computer for a long period of time.)

Well. I'm off to study. :) Sorry for such a short entry again, but it is still an entry, right?

I spent about *gasps* 2 hours on this post! Entirely on this post. *Gasps again*

Cheesus. I need to pick up on my blogging skills.

See ya.