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Monday, May 29, 2006 @ 9:39 PM

Another thing I love about holidays.


Bought :-

1) 3 books : Cecily Von Ziegesar's latest Gossip Girl book..
Cecily Von Ziegesar's new series : the It girl
Lisa Jewell's thirtynothing

2) A pair of blue Converse sneakers - have to wear them out before I set my hands on the Nike Zoom Danzante (which mom won't let me buy) :(

3) Marks & Spencer toffees - they're to die for

4) Traditional Dragon beard sweets from Jusco - so long since I ate them.. they're this candy filled with nuts and wrapped with strings of white candy ... wish i'd taken a picture of em but they're all gone :D

Only one thing left - i WANT my Zara hoodie!!!!


p/s : Just in case if you were wondering , if I am spoilt ... I am so NOT.

Have you SEEN other people who get like, a 300 dollar allowance per week ? And they go shopping like crazy?

Gawd. They are like SO lucky.