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Sunday, May 28, 2006 @ 1:19 PM
Photos... Before It All Went Wrong..

Before all the fighting set in, we had quite a happy day.

Took many (random) photos with my phone camera ... in the car on the way to the dentist.

Mom & Dad forced me to go for dental check up.

I hate dental checkups , mainly because I hate the smell.

Once you open the freaking front door of the dentist, a wave of cold, sharp, medicine-like air hits you. I absolutely HATE that smell.

Dad seems to like it, him being a clean freak, and all . (He loves anything that's clean.)

This has been my MSN Display pic for like a week. Somehow find this picture nice. Maybe it's my eyes :)

Made my rubber stamp logo. :D Thanks again to http://good-tutorials.com/

My life maybe has just taken a turn for the better. I heard dad talking to mom gently downstairs just now o.o

Wanted to take a pic of this disgusting guy in the car next to us who was picking his nose, but I was afraid he'd get out of his car, extract a parang out of nowhere, break open my side of the car, and proceed to chop me into pieces.

Neither of them knew what was going to come between them hours later ...

Nearly reached the dentist... I began to shudder in fear.

When we parked the car, we walked up the staircase - the stairs were like, damn steep, and only half my feet could fit on a stair - had to walk sideways :O .. and came to a big glass door.

I've never been to this dentist before. My usual dentist is the one near the Pusat Tutorial Yee .. called Soon and Lee. This one's near all the facial and health and slimming companies near the old Fajar. (i suck at sections. i don't know what section is it in...)

All the decor in the dentist's looks damn new. I think the chairs came from IKEA and the table came from some antique shop, because it looked old and authentic and heavy . There's a lot of the bald trees lately. Seen many of them situated around PJ... even in 1 Utama.

Arghh... Just seeing mom getting scaling on her teeth just makes my blood curdle.

Dad's turn!!!


Hated every moment of it. The smell of gloves, medicine, and weird toothpaste. Erghh..

Did scaling too :P Now I can flash my pearly whites at anyone :P

The scaling hurt though. And the sound of the machine sounded like chalk screeching against the blackboard. A sound I can't stand.

Nearly died.


Anyway. :P Here's something.

Kaisin and Hua Yein look extra happy.

Credits to Wenliang (he's the dude at the top who looks as if his hair just met a lawnmower) for this picture and the next few pictures :)

So peaceful :)

Jo Wen is shyyy ~~

With shy I mean, REALLY shy. :)

Okay... I think i've had enough blogging for the meantime. Need to go downstairs to search for some chow.

Hugs and Kisses,