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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 @ 12:02 AM
Gamma Sunway Outing 1.

We had our first Gamma Sunway Lagoon / Pyramid outing today !!

Nine of us came : Joan, Me, Huai, Andrew, Dereck, Terence, Tian Yi (Adam), Kai Sin and Ling Kit.

Had tons of fun.

Sat every single ride in there (didn't ride the Tomahawk and the 360 degrees pirate ship... I forgot it's name).

But I had the guts to ride the water slide - the one where you have to lie down on carpets and you slide down all the waaayy to the very bottom.

I didn't chicken out :D

And we watched Over The Hedge! Damn nice :)

Will post about it tomorrow, prolly, and when Huai gets around burning the pics (there is only a little, though, as we didn't really concentrate on photos and concentrated on the fun. Whoops..), i'll Photoshop em and put em up here.

For now - the damage - my nose is very red.. positively glowing. I can be Rudolf the Reindeer's twin - my thighs hurt like shit.. feels like i've got period cramps on my thighs - and my eyes are closing ... closing...

Damn, I need my soft, nice, white, bed.

See you (hopefully) tomorrow!


P/P/S: 10 more days till Jonny's birthday!! What am I supposed to give him? I have NO idea on presents for guys. Any suggestions? :)