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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 @ 12:09 AM
"Score" so far..


If you have read my blog before this, (on its previous original layout), then you'd have noticed this : "SCORE MORE THAN 3A'S IN MID YEAR EXAM!!!" on my wishlist.

That wish can be flushed down the toiletbowl.

I didn't even get a freaking A in English, due to SHANTA'S WRATH.


My second compo deserved a lot more than 41/50. A lot of people said so.

-_-" Die you evil, buck-toothed human! DIE!

* updates*

You know what, I feel like ranting this after bloghopping from a blog to another blog to another..

6 out of 10 of the blogs are owned and coded by at least 14 year olds, and they're all freaking LOVEY DOVEY of a sudden. PUHLEEZE. I don't think I was like that when I was 14. -_-

Usually in moving letters at the bottom of your screen where you can see an internet explorer (or Mozilla) icon on your left, and the word "Done" next to it (unless you have an error loading my freaking page) - the thing FREAKS ME OUT!

Get this: DAMN CORNY, CAN!
  • I wanna touch your face
  • I wanna lie next to you
  • I wanna be with you
  • I turn to you and ask you
  • If you'd ever think about me before
  • I wanna spend the rest of my life with you...
  • I need to feel your arms around me...

WAH LAN...my bulu stand up liao.

Weh, need or not -_-" . Read it a few times then the thing will seem obscene. *Bluey shakes head *

Wah. The KOREA vs Togo (i think) match DAMN KAU NICE WEH!

Usually most Korean guys are hot and manly, but then... the footballers in the Korean team are nowhere close to good-looking. I think the most good-looking one is the guy with the white hair who scored the first goal.


They're either short - hint hint Park Ji Sung hint hint - or their hair goes like, POOF! (like the guy who scored the 2nd goal - Ahn.. or something.)

But seriously, lah, TOGO SUCKS! The guy who kena yellow card DESERVED IT!