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Friday, June 23, 2006 @ 11:57 AM
Stuff Winnie Does When she is BORED....

Currently in the library - I dropped Physics, so...

I'm gonna bore you all with this !!!

(Oh, yeah. Sorry, Wunnie and Hoho, i'll do the tag later. I've got something else on my mind...)

The Food I Most Love in the Whole Wide World
  • Curry Chicken
  • Barbeque !! :D
  • MC Donalds
  • Burger King!!!
  • Italian food!!

Actually got more one. :P

The Stuff I Love Most Doing When I'm At Home

  • Playing the computer
  • Lazing in front of the television and going to sleep in the middle of a boring football game.
  • Going outside to sit with Candy and talk to her
  • Settling in comfortably in front of the front door with the cushion and reading a good, thick, fat, novel.
  • ... i don't like being at home most of the time. i wish i could go out most of the day =(

The Subjects Which I Love Sleeping In At School.

  • English - when Pn.S starts reading the Pearl, then it's like, wah .. lullaby.
  • Physics - used to, before I dropped Physics. Wong used to piss me off so I kinda did it on purpose.
  • Biology - just do this to piss her off too. Next.
  • Accounts - slept in this thing only like, once or twice. Don't like pissing her off, since she's so nice.
  • Sejarah - unfortunately, Abu will annoyingly prod you with his pen and go in this heavily accented Malay voice - "WEHHH.. BANGUN!! WEHHH BANGUNNN!!"

The Sweets I Love

  • Trebor Sour Plums. *Hint hint*
  • Right now it's like , some sweet at the shop - i forgot its name .. I think Vit-C or something - lime flavor!!! :D
  • Mentos
  • Sour peel!!!
  • Aiyah. anything chewy or something. I love all sweets :P

5 Favorite Garments I Own

  • Right now, it's my Zara cloth pants. :P
  • My nearly-washing-machine-torn Billabong shirt
  • My Body Glove shirt
  • My Esprit edc Cargos
  • ... my other Body Glove shirt. LOL

Favorite Shoe I Own

  • Um, because I don't own more than 5 shoes -_-" Jesus fucking christ, i think i only own three. SCHOOL SHOES NOT COUNTED! - because they are not worthy to be called shoes. hehe.
  • Anyway, my favorite shoe is my new Converse sneakers.

Most Loved Electronics...

  • I love Nokia phones. Yep yep. Love 'em. After Nokia - Sony Ericcson, but i still don't like the designs. Nokia can beat them in designing flat. :P
  • i-Pods!! NO MUSIC NO LIFE!!!
  • Sony Cybershot cameras - THEY ROCK MY SOCKS!! I wanna own one ! I wanna own one!!!
  • Dell computers - cos there won't be blogging without computers
  • aaaaand... aaaaand... ... fine lar. Creative MP3'S.. cos if there wasnt i-Pod around, then i'll take creative :P

And now I simply have to end this thing - 6 more minutes before me, Huai and the blackass will get shooed out of the library!!!

p/s: Joan, Adam, YL, KP, Ling Kit and Suz are doing this Taylor's College competition that if they win, can earn them a 63k scolarship!! NO KIDDING!

p/p/s: GAMBATTE!!