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Friday, June 30, 2006 @ 11:41 AM

Let me put this fact straight.

Oh, and this post is inspired by Cheesie's latest post.

If a puppy / dog / animal were not cute, I'll be SURE you won't buy it.

BUT, on the other hand, you would buy this...

And this...

Heck, you would even KILL to get this.

Yes you would.


Photo credit from here.

Would you???? Plus boobs and all!? (Which dog has boobs, for god's sakes?)

I bet you won't. Even though he costs RM50 and all. You wouldn't even want to hand him to the SPCA.

But I believe that this dog, named Sam, has to be given a chance. Inside, he's like any other dog, only on the outside, he is different. He is the same, frolicky, warm, loving dog as the one you have now sleeping on your front porch.

So, if, given the chance, you get an ugly dog, please do give him a chance. To show you some love.

Give some love :) There's plenty more to share.