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Friday, June 23, 2006 @ 3:06 PM

Continuation from the previous previous post... :P

The people I love being with most ...
  • All 5 Gamma' ians. You guys rock, and you guys crack me up. You guys make my days at school be more bearable.... and you guys can hear me rant out all my anger too.
  • The four other musketeers, scrooges, whatever. Joan, Hua, Lyn and Su :) You guys rock too!
  • My sampat cousins :) You know who you are . love ya
  • My family, minus my brother. No explanation. Next.
  • My past classmates - somehow I miss them so much. Wish I can go back in time.

The Stationery Bluey Loves

  • G1 0.7 Blue ink pen :)
  • Yellow Swing Stabilo highlighter
  • Astar plastic ruler
  • Stabilo black eraser.
  • aaaand Pentel liquid paper!!!


The things I wish I'd do again but isn't likely to...

  • Go to Penang again with my beloved classmates - had so much fun there.
  • Go back in time to the time when Mr.David was still around and we'd copy in exams in Form 3.
  • Go out before SPM. -_-"
  • Go eat Talipon againnnnnn with my frienndssss
  • Come out alive after tomorrow's report card day.

The Designer Brands I love and wish to have -_-"

  • True Religion
  • Hermes
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Ralph Lauren

The Normal Brands i love

  • Guess
  • Zara
  • MNG
  • Forever 21 - i love it though i've never been in a store - just took a look from the outside and fell in love at first sight
  • Converse.
  • Body Glove
  • ROXY
  • Billabong
  • Topshop

The Teachers I Ah-dore ...

  • YES, i do adore some teachers :) - Pn. Sanizah , for her cute pink specs and funny, sampated self!! :D .. she even watches anime and j-dramas or k-dramas!!! :D
  • Pn. Dayang - Senior assistant, weh, and she lets us down early for lunch and break because she knows Gamma students need healthy (yeah , right) food !!
  • Pn.Rozita ... she's hilarious. Her face damn stone when she's telling a joke and you never know if its true or not.
  • Miss Wan!!!! WE MISSS YOUUUUU!! ;( We don't want big fat bitch. T_T
  • Pn. Zuhrah - but she' s scary when she's in a bad mood.

The Places I Love

  • My bedroom
  • My classroom - 5 Gamma
  • Bunny's house! :P - any cousin's house lah. haha.
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports - they give you some kind of excited, tingly feeling.

The People I would LOVE to torture or murder from time to time

  • Mrs.S - who else, the big fat bitch. I'm sure she's on the top of Huai's list. Next.
  • Abu Hassan
  • Kevin - he's such a pain in the butt. He butts in to every conversation and expects to know everything that's happening - when he says something, we just turn away and ignore.
  • Ms. Harnee or whatever the fuck her name is - that stupid black-has-a-moustache-hairy-oily indian teacher who came in to relieve Pn.Nasira - she's like, she has a stick up her ass. Well, i'll take that stick out and shove a LONGER stick up her ass. Bitch.
  • Wilson. HAHAHA :P

Okayy.. till I get more stuff to write about, see ya!

Prolly won't be logging on this weekend - don't want my head chopped off after mom views my marks T_T ~

Jaa ne! Sayonara!