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Saturday, June 24, 2006 @ 9:37 PM

Dunno why it feels so weird.


I've been close with them two years back, and they were the ones that I could REALLY confide in. I mean, how many guys would actually CARE about how was your day, or if you met any junior assholes that block your way in the canteen and if I wanted them to be beaten up? How many guys would actually tell you their deepest darkest fears and TRUST YOU with them?

Then, we split into different streams last year, and I still constantly kept in touch with one of them through SMS - he was the more talkative, advise-giving one, and whenever I SMS-ed the other guy, I felt so weird. Every time he replied my SMS-es, he would answer them discreetly, and as though he didn't want me talking to him , or he'd shrug me off. And sometimes, he wouldn't answer at all.

Then now, when i'm FINALLY SPEAKING TO THEM IN PERSON again, I feel as if they're... ...



Like as if i'm still stuck in Form 3, and they've moved on.

Damn. My life is a turmoil.

Whenever we pass in the hallways, whenever I wave hi, they never wave back, so much as a smile.

Am I transparent?

Am I the little sister they thought I was?

Did I become invisible ?


*sighs in frustration*

Sometimes, questions are too hard to be answered.

All I want to have back is that friendship back. I miss you guys. :(