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Saturday, July 01, 2006 @ 12:10 PM
I'll be damned..

I hate homework.

Look at my list.
  • BM - 2 Karangan + more I didn't do, 2 Rumusan, Tatabahasa work, Konserto Terakhir papers
  • Add Maths - 1 paper (with a lot of questions + a,b,c)
  • English - fuck you, bitch - Interview the Pearl (FARKING BITCH. IT'S SO IRRELEVANT! ) and the stupid jewellery heist newspaper report.
  • Accounts - Latih Tubi, Kelab dan Persatuan, Number 2. (dono how to do Akaun Pendapatan dan Pembayaran. Next. )
  • Bio - stupid menstrual cycle project. Fark her la.
  • Maths - 9.1 , fuck, i think i misplaced my paper.
  • Accounts tuition - shitload of Kelab dan Persatuan work, + Rekod tak Lengkap 4 questions (she wants to kill me)
  • Bio tuition - read chapter something of form 4
  • BM tuition - 10 karangans still haven do, dont give a shit, but eventually have to do
  • Add Maths tuition - oh god. fuck it.


Oh. And... I can be a bitch a times, okay? I said i'm sorry. I didn't say anything about Argentina. I just said that I don't find any of Argentina's guys are hot, except I can agree Crespo has a nice ass. I do agree that Argentina are good at football, and the Germans were lucky to have a fantastic goalkeeper.