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Sunday, July 02, 2006 @ 7:30 PM
Tennis balls and college..

Spent the day at home.

Wanted to go out and go somewhere. Anywhere. Already two whole days stuck at home with nothing to do. I'm bored of my own home.

Not too bored about this computer, though. :D

But I want my usual computer back. I want Maple Story!!! Goodness knows how many patches i've missed already.

Some more the 24 hour 2x exp thing passed, and the items event gone. Sigh. And donno how many buddies already deleted me from their buddy list after 1 month ++ never log on.

But I know my faithful Malaysian buddy, Hafeez won't delete me. I'm sure of it.

The other day, when I went out to Pizza Hut after school on Friday near Asia Cafe with Terence, Kaisin and Hua Yein, I saw a lot of college students from the nearby colleges, Inti, Metropolitan and Taylor's around, walking, talking, and laughing.

They all seemed so .. so .. mature. And different. And i'm like this lost little girl stuck in an older body. Whenever I go to BM tuition on Friday by myself with all the DJ students and Catholic High students and other goverment school students, I feel so weird.

They all seem so mature. So western. So mature. And all the girls don't laugh out loud or be noisy or run around like we do in school. (Yes, I know, we're ... a different case), but even though I compare them with the more popular and sophisticated girls in my school, they'll beat them flat.

I had that feeling when I was in Pizza Hut.

How am I gonna go to college like that? I don't wanna be the sad, new, girl sitting at the back of the class instead of meeting new friends. Maybe others will think i'm childish and weird cos' of the way I dress.

None of any friends I know are taking mass communication. :(

All are taking science.

Damn shit right.

I know , I know, i'm not supposed to think bout all these things so fast, but I can't help wondering. I hope my future college mates are nice. *Sigh*.

Played tennis ball catching and throwing with my dog today. Candy's getting very good at playing baseball, but then once she gets the tennis ball in her mouth, she won't give it back. So, I have to chase after her, and yank the thing out of her mouth.

She knows so many things already. Donno what to teach her next :)

Peace out now. :) Love you all.