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Sunday, July 02, 2006 @ 11:54 AM


Miracles happened yesterday night :D

Brazil lost to France (YIPPEEE!) GO ZIDANE! :D YOU ROCK!

Yesterday night, I stayed awake to watch the Portugal match. C.Ronaldo really shined :D. And the fact that Rooney got sent off WAS NOT BECAUSE OF CRISTIANO RONALDO. It was because of Rooney's own temper.

Ronaldo was there, and Rooney pushed him. I tell you, if Rooney hadn't put out his hand and touched Ronaldo, then he won't kena red card right.

Your own fault, so don't cry over spilt milk.


:D Happy that Portugal got through, yes :D . Now waiting to see the outcome of Germany's semifinal match.

Aaawww. What a nice sight. To see a grown man cry. :D . He's like thirty something. O_O.

I love this picture. :D Before his winning penalty shot, he kissed the ball. And prayed hard.

Ooo.. Oh yeah, Nuno Valente also looking not too bad :D...

But I found out that he was fat last time. But now fit fit already :D

Happy happy joy joy. Now, leave me to my homework. :D.