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Sunday, July 09, 2006 @ 10:47 PM
Ordinary Sunday....

Pah. Another ordinary Sunday.

This day, being the day of the World Cup Final, bears no meaning to me. I don't even bat an eyelid when one of my friends go ,"Oeih, World Cup Final leh! France and Italy!! Which team you supporting eh? Are you staying up? Big final you know?"

I don't know. Last time, when I supported England, and Brazil beat Germany in a 2-0 win (i think), I still watched the finals, cos' then I was still a football noob, and I only knew footballers within Manchester United, therefore my support for England. I wanted to see who the people were referring to as Ronaldo (bunny teeth), Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, and etc. etc. Hottie Kaka too.

Found this at Giant, One Utama. Didn't buy it though. The price was a bomb.

Anyway, when I first laid my eyes on Ronaldinho, I found his face to be rather disturbing. I still do. His teeth are jutting out, like a mule's, and his long, curly hair looked even worse than some of actresses from the seventies, or sixties.

I remember pointing at the television, my nose scrunched up, and going, "Eh, Wilson, who's that ugly Brazilian with the weird long hair and ugly teeth?" Wilson went, "Huh?", to which I haughtily replied, and pointed again to the screen as the camera focused in on him. "Neh. That one." And he said, "It's Ronaldinho."

Soon, he got advertised more and more on billboards, magazine ads, Nike ads, etc. etc. And the latest - Breeze packs. Good grief.

And behind Ruud Van Nistlerooy's face, you can see Ronaldinho's face while coming back from 1 Utama. THE HORROR.

Beckham is (or was), good looking, and he looks more good looking with age, but soon, he will be coming apart. This pic was supposed to look like "ada class" and all, but he just looks .. horny. Don't you think so?

Anyway, to end this post, the conclusion is, I am not interested in the World Cup finals. And i'm happy for Zizou, anyway. Give him some last minute glory.