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Thursday, July 20, 2006 @ 8:23 PM

A few days earlier, we had some fun in school, minus the coming exams pressure. (Right now, studying is in full swing.)

To demonstrate her points about a plant's reproductive system, my Bio teacher brought a pink bunga raya and tore it apart to differentiate from the female organs and the male organs. We made use of the male half. (The female half was full of ants so we threw it away.)

Doesn't she look pretty? (Even though while sleeping?)

Then, Lynette gave this little nodding doll to Yoke Yin for her birthday present, and everyone was nuts over it. (Ask it a question and it responds by itself! Serious!)

Cute hor. I even asked about my love life and it shook its head when I asked if I was gonna be a widow living with 12 dogs :D !

So, Joan took the liberty to ask it a question...

*Sigh* We are all condemned.

The latest craze in 5 Gamma : Chinese checkers and Hard Gay videos (highly reccommended! Go search for him on Youtube, and be sure to choose the ramen shop video with english subs from Bakafish!)

With that, tata now! Happy studying!