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Friday, July 21, 2006 @ 4:23 PM
Lost and used..

There's this certain guy friend of mine.
We used to be damn close.
Like, damn damn close.
We even shared secrets with one another.

He used to be the person I could confide in, the person I could talk to all this while if I needed any help.
But now, whenever I talk to him it feels so weird.
Like something else is lurking inside.

And now, I think I know the answer.
He's just been using me all this while to get to her.
I mean, every single time when I talk to him now, he ignores me, and shrugs me off.And when I wave hi, it's like i'm invisible.

Everytime I pass him, he asks for her number.
I'm not jealous, if you think I am.
But, hello? I exist, you know?
Since when did we stop being friends?

Damn, I hate this. -_-" It sucks.