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Saturday, July 22, 2006 @ 5:14 PM
Tag, you're it. Again..

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head . Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do this survey .

Lets see...

  • 1 Joan
  • 2 Dereck
  • 3 Kai Sin
  • 4 Ka Peng
  • 5 Andrew
  • 6 Yee Lin
  • 7 Tian Yi
  • 8 Sylvia
  • 9 Florence
  • 10 Jason
  • 11 Hua Yein
  • 12 Wun - i mean, Bunny
  • 13 Jonathan
  • 14 Hoho
  • 15 Ji Jun
  • 16 Lynette
  • 17 Ling Kit
  • 18 Suzanne
  • 19 Eric
  • 20 Crystal.
How did you meet 14?
She's my cousin. Like, we met when we were small kids. Haha.

What would you do if you never met 1?
I would dieeee.. Haha. She's the horniest (and funniest) person in class. And she's one of my best buddies, and also part of the 5 Scrooges (as our chem teacher calls us) and the Three Musketeers. :D

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated ?
LOL! Uh... not likely, so i'll never answer this question.

Did you ever like 19 ?
No way. Short (sorry, Eric) , not manly enough for me. Eh, my feet are bigger than his O_O. He has so small feet. Haha.

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple ?
LOL... Ling Kit is ... just too crazy for words. Can see them together lor. He never shuts up, and she never shuts up. Perfect lah. LOL!

Describe 3 :
Lets see... she's really crazy, funny (all the time), cries at unexpected times, when she laughs she sounds like she kena rape, and always kena bully by Ling Kit and Dereck. She's also a great friend. Love you :)

Do you think 8 is attractive ?
Too white. Otherwise she's okay. :) (I'm not a lesbo.)

Say something about 7 :
The ADAM is here. Good long distance runner, always pulls Number 1's hair, has the biggest adam's apple on the planet (therefore the name Adam), the 2nd tallest dude in class, 5 foot 11, i think, and has big feet. (Borrowed his slippers at Sunway Lagoon, nearly tripped.) Damn smart also. And he steals my Cheesels! >:(

Do you know 12's family ?
Yeah. :D . She's my cousin wat. Duh :P

What's 18's favorite ?
Three syllables. Ya-ma-pi. Gosh. She's crazy.

Who is 9 going out with ?
MUAHAHAHAHA. That's what i'd like to know. >:)

How old is 16 now ?-
She's currently 16 (wah, so ngam), her birthday's in September.

When was the last time you talked to 13?
Um, yesterday, on SMS. Somehow, he's confident that he will not kena NS. Hah. We shall see.

2's favorite band // singer ?
No idea. I only know that he LOVES Maria Sharapova. (And he just kena NS yesterday MUAHAHAHAHA . ) Don't worry lah, can stick her picture on the top of your tent.

Would you date 4 ?
NOO! Hua Yein (her wife) will kill me! And no, Hua and KP are not lesbos.

Would you date 7 ?
Holy shit. No way. Not my type. Too ... sissy. LOL! In fact, we suspect he likes someeeonee female from the list above.

Is 15 single ?
Duh. He's so mean no one would want him. Dead Ronaldo's Chest. BAH!

What's 10's last name ?

Would you have a serious relationship with 11 ?
OMG incest!! She's my cousin!! And once again, i'm not a lesbo.

Which school does 3 go to ?
Same school and class as mine. :)

Where does 6 live ?
PJ, behind Sri Siam there. :) So near. Haha.

What's your favorite thing about 5 ?
He is currently HOOKED on Hard Gay. We all are. HAHA.

I TAG :* bunny, hoho and bean!! Whoever else also . HEHE.