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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 @ 10:34 PM
Freedom Day....

God, Maths sucked cock. Jesus Christ. I was damn kau careless okay?!?!!? I left out a "free marks question" worth 4 marks!

I didn't see it!!!!!!

Because it was overshadowed by the stupid longitude and latitude question! KNNCCB!

I was talking to Alex and Jonny then suddenly Alex said, "Eh.. got the standard form question below the number 5 you got do ah? Easy ya?"

I was like, "What standard form question? I never.... " * pause *


I actually saw it when we first got the paper when I flipped through. Then after that I actually forgot that question. Motherfucker.

Wah, damn pissed, man. -_-"

Going out to dinner soon, to celebrate Kenning's birthday and also her Farewell Party because she's going to Singapore tomorrow. :(

Anyway, I owe you people pictures, so here they are!

Bon Odori Pictures

Joan carpooled with me to the stadium. We went there kind of early, because Dad had an appointment at the hospital later on. We were there even before the gates opened. When the gates opened, we walked in and we were given free orange plastic fans! Damn cute one. But the first thing we saw was the cube-shaped stage right smack in the middle of the football field where usually at Sports Rehearsal Day, the finals of the Interhouse Football Tournament would be held.

It seems kind of weird going to Stadium Matsushita seeing other people in it without seeing bright red, blue, green and yellow house t-shirts.

I actually saw Cheesie in the crowd, wearing this pinkish kimono, but I wasn't sure if it was her o_O . After wrong person how?

But actually it was her -_- .

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Got alot of cute Japanese people all speaking Japanese and wearing yukatas!

And what do all the authentic Malaysians do?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And it's like, PACKED, JAMMED, FULL WITH MALAYSIANS!.They eat. And eat And eat And EAT EAT EAT! It's like they've never seen Japanese food before. And there's one loooong line stretching from a stall to the whole width of the field they were using for the food stalls just to get a free, tiny bottle of YAKULT. Eh. Yakult. -_-" It tastes like shit, and it's as small as fuck. WHO WOULD EVER WANT YAKULT?! I mean got lah, but still, one looong line of people meh!?

And the main reason why each of us wanted to come to Bon Odori in the first place was for cute Japanese Guy spotting, but nOoOOo~ the only Japanese guys we spotted were short, and most of them were in junior high.

We spotted a few of good-looking guys though, but they were Malaysians.

Like, this one!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This picture is damn blur lah, but I assure you, he was hot. He's damn tall (but not too tall), had cute floppy spikyish hair, and a great smile ~ Wahaha.

And most of all, he's not lala. Word.

****editor's note****

Ohmygawd, my Photoshop just went crazy, so i'll just post up pictures here without photoshopping them then. Who wanna steal my pictures go ahead, see what i'll do with you.

Like they're even worth something, anyway.

****end editor's note****

And then the dances started! My god, the crowd swellled and swelled, and everyone danced along, waving their fans in the air!!!

And after the dances, there was this nice, non-public dance performed by students from UTAR and other colleges, which was damn nice to watch because this Japanese obaachan was dancing at the front and she was damn fit.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And then when we were eating our dinner, these two Japanese middle-aged men who were sitting in front of us were cracking open cans of Asahi and gulping them down like there was no tomorrow. Our place smelt like beer, and the smell even lingered on our clothes when we reached back home.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Damn blur because my mobile no flash okay, so don't complain if the picture quality sucks because I know it sucks.

And that pretty much wraps up Bon Odori :D . Enjoyed myself tremendously. ~

^_^ Now off to bed. Oyasuminasai!