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Friday, July 28, 2006 @ 10:21 PM
Just tell her, you sissy..

Just tell her, you sissy.

I don't want to be the middle man. I mean, woman.

Just have some balls and tell her yourself, will you? Do I need to pass Post It notes back and forth to get things going? Or do I need to show you that YouTube video on Hard Gay Cupid and then you'll get the message?

And don't deny that you don't like ; I know you do. I have a radar, and don't tell me it's been struck by lightning. It's 100% titanium (I don't know if that gets struck by lightning or not but whatever, mine can't be struck by lightning).

And don't come to me crying for help when you need it.

Dude, you need a life.

That aside,

I am finally happy with myself.

I can finally do pengamiran!!! And I think i'm a master at it! :D

From now on, I will be hardworking as the trials are coming (September!! So fast!!) I will now constantly study one subject per day, (one chapter each, if I can manage between my homework, blogging, blog reading and playing broom hockey with Candy)

If everything goes according to plan, I will be able to pass my SPM with flying colours!!! *I hope*. I want to get good marks so that I will get to do my Journalism / Mass Communication course and before college, maybe a Photoshop course too, to sharpen my nonexistent Photoshop skills!!

How happy I will be then.

I will be studying the subject I am truly interested in, the subject i've dreamed of doing, the subject i've learned to know all about and I can't wait to go to college!!!

I will meet new friends, and leave my stupid, dusty, Primary School life behind, but I certainly wont forget my secondary life!! I will miss the Guavalians !! I mean, Gammalians, and I will never forget the best year of my secondary life!!!

With that, I am officially naming the Gammalians the Guavalians! (Thanks to our battle with the canteen women about the guavas, which will be another story, but to cut to the chase, 9 of us girls ate 50 guavas total).

So, I am naming each and every person as a guava!!!

Ka Peng - Smart Guava
Ling Kit - Whale Guava
Andrew - Hard Guava (as in Hard Gay WUAHAHAHA )
Dereck - Football Guava
Terence - Black Guava
Lynette - White Guava
Sylvia - Whiter Guava
Jo Wen - Tall Guava
Hua Yein - Loud Guava
Joan - Horny Guava
Me - Bold Guava
Yee Lin - Hungry Guava
Kai Sin - Brave Guava
Tian Yi - Adam Guava
Kevin - Rotten Guava
Eric - Small Feet Guava
Loon Hung - Ahpek Guava
Suzanne - Shy Guava
Wen Liang - Angmoh Guava

Therefore, this makes up THE GUAVA GANG!! =D

~ Ta now, have to go!