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Thursday, July 27, 2006 @ 10:12 PM
Homestay ~.

Stayed home today.

Was too pressured after the examinations.

Mom went to the airport to accompany Kenning to Singapore to see to some loans and etc etc. I think she wanted to buy a perfume because she kept on asking me why I kept on wearing her CK One Summer perfume and asked if Calvin Klien perfume was nice.

I told her if she wanted to buy a perfume, steer clear of Versace and all of those brands she thinks whose perfumes smell nice but I deem yucky. Instead, I suggested she buy Hugo Boss's Purple. :)

Okay, okay, pictures!!!

Hollister Fall Sweater Models 2006

They're the hottest models after Amber Chia and have even been compared to Tyra Banks and Jon Jonsson!!!

They will be modelling a pink Hollister hoodie and there will be more to come!!!

She always has that >: face when studying (yes, models study), so ignore the expression. She looks the best in this, don't you agree?

Here's Dereck! The hoodie being way too small for him, he still looks gor*bleh*geousss!!!!

Here's Lingkit!!!! He was actually blushing ! Models arent supposed to blush.

Too ugly to be a model. Too black. Horrible glasses, and a too la la pose.

Well, that is all, and they will be back soon! * I hope *

Now, off for a long-awaited shower and then some Pimp My Ride, then i'm off to bed!

Nighty night!