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Friday, July 28, 2006 @ 11:14 AM
The End Of Lengmou....

The end of Leng Mou!!

And we're all going to miss Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton (who has officially quit from the blogging world, as stated in Leng Mou's last post.)

But Stewie has his own blog now,his personal blog.

I will be a frequent reader!!!!

I can officially call myself a super blogder.

Do you know why?

I read sooo many blogs a day, provided they update. And if they don't, i'll go, "Damn." and feel sulky all day long.

I read :-
  • Leng Mou :(
  • Cheeserland
  • Kenny Sia
  • Xiaxue
  • Bone, Bunny and Bean's Blog
  • Fire Angel
  • Tock's blog
  • Smashpop's blog
  • Rence's blog
  • June's blog
  • my former schoolmate's blog
  • Rojaks
  • Kinky Blue Fairy
  • Colin and Kero
  • Bryanboy

Jesus Christ, and a lot more!!!!!

I LOVE reading other people's blogs and finding out how wonderful their lives are compared to mine.

All I can blog about are pictures, and pictures and pictures, and talk about my studies.

My life has no oomph in it.

You know what I mean?

I'm like this crab that's waiting to come out of it's shell and baring my flesh to the world (okay, that sounded wrong... it sounded like I am a flasher. i am so not one.) That's how I feel.

I wish I was living the high life. I really do. My life is nuts. My life is a life of books, boredom and blah. Someone come over and spice up my life pleasee?!!