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Saturday, July 29, 2006 @ 3:28 PM
Dinner at D'Fortune..

We were invited by 5th uncle to have dinner at D'Fortune because it was Kenning's farewell /birthday dinner :) .

It's somewhere behind the Kepong Mosque. (I have no idea where.)

Kenneth fetched us there from Boonie's house. Overall, from the outside, it didn't look very much like an Italian restaurant ; it looked a bit Nyonya. Guess the decorators didn't really know what kind of restaurant they were decorating.

But the food was out of this world. All the drinks (most of them) came in supersize or normal size, the supersize one being RM7 +. Jeez. At talipon, a drink that size would cost around RM3, and a REALLY REALLY SUPER HUGE drink would be at RM4.50.

The size of the drink, compared to the small piece of bread :)

Then, the food came. I ordered a Carbonara - couldn't take a photo of it. I gobbled it up ~ It was way super yummy. I took a picture of Kenning's sausages instead. :)

Joan had lamb.

She took a long long long time tearing the first piece of lamb apart, cursing it , "@$!! Why they give me old lamb one!!" The meat was kinda tough.

But finally,

When we all finished, we ordered ice cream!!!! * Yummy * Was damn full. Felt so round like a balloon. :D

Just ate Pizza Hut. Mom's coming back from Singapore todaaaay! With chocolates and my prezzie!! Bet Wilson is damn happy too. :D I'm sure mom bought him something.

La la la ~ I'm so happy!

Now, updates later when mom comes home. Off for some blog reading!!!