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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 @ 5:20 PM
Laptops and Tabletops.

This morning, when I woke up, I wash my hair, brush my teeth, wash my face and then change into school clothes.

When I trudged downstairs, the first thing I saw :


In bright, big, black bold letters on the front page of the Star.

My first reaction :

Me: Shit! Gotta hide that from mom!
Maid: -_-?

My mom doesn't understand the facts. The paper said bloggers who wrote about the government / official matters or country matters in their blog will be detained, not all bloggers.

Mom seems to think so that I have so much free time to even write about the country for gods sakes. I'm still 15 (going on 16 this October) ! How much do I know about politics? Nil. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Nuts. Bunnies. Cows. Donkeys.

After eating breakfast, and when I finally had to face Mom in the car, BFA go and blurt the whole thing out to mom while she was reversing the car.

BFA : Eh, ma.. Got see newspaper anot? On the front page got "Bloggers beware " you know.
Mom: Ha? Why they put like that?
BFA: Because cannot write about official/country/government/agama matters loh, cannot put down the country.
Mom: Ha, Ah Girl - points to me - you don't smart smart go write in your blog ah, you everyday go blog one.
Me: -_-" I don't write about government matters, mom. I'm writing about MY life and solely MY life.
Mom: Ya, I just saying oni. But if you got write ah...

...WTF! I said I didn't write, and she still did not believe me. -_-

All I can say is, a certain wellknown blogger is gonna get into trouble.....

And today, I was fighting with K because he became stalker-ish and took a picture of WN in her dress that she wore for the 5B play and uploaded it into his laptop.

Then D took the picture, put it in his phone, and then LK took it and put it in his phone.

Damn, I give it maximum 2 days before the picture circulates to the entire school.

When Pn.S questioned K about it, K went,

K: Oh, teacher, she's my girlfriend. I put my girlfriend's picture in my laptop and my phone and then they all so hamsap they want take my girlfriend's picture.
J: Dream on lah. Dream on.
Me: Ya la!
Pn.S: You sure or not? * Sounding doubtful, looking at K up and down*
K: Ya la!
J: Teacher, don't believe him lah, he talks a lot of crap.
Me: Yeah, like anyone would ever want him *shoots him a look of disgust * he's so ugly and short.
K: Like anyone would want you right.
Me: *Tries to contain anger and snaps in a haughty, bitchy manner * Of course anyone would want me. My best friend wants me, my family wants me, my friends want me, right? *Looks at A*
A: *Smile at me then look at K*
K: Haha. My parents don't even want me.

Nah. Said it for yourself right, shortfuck?

Me: Yala! Your parents can't even stand looking at you. I bet you lah, 40 years old and counting, no one would ever want to marry/be your girlfriend. Dream on, loser.

Yess! I win another round.

Bring it on, asshole. Show me what you've got.


Right now, a web of uncertainity and pretentiousness is being weaved.

We shall see what happens next.

Hai hai, we shall.

****end of update****