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Saturday, August 12, 2006 @ 12:04 AM
Goo Goo Dolls.

Addicted to them now.

Just can't get enough of the lead singer's super sexxay voice.


And to think I mistook him for the Foo Fighters' lead singer, who happens to have big nostrils shown in their "Best Of You" video, which I can't seem to forget.

Anyway, i've got most of Pyramid's photos, but I still haven't uploaded mine into the computer yet from my camera : lots of candid photos of everyone bowling... (including me, thanks to Lynette onechan for taking them, i heart you!!!) and at the restaurant!!

Full post soon!! Soon soon, I promise, soon.

Today, we were joking about Pn.S when we were lazing around and slacking in Bio period...

... Oh. Kids, stay far far away, and don't scroll down.

Thanks. :D

LK: Okay, I want you to imagine this.
The Rest: Okay.
LK: Imagine... S masturbating.
A: *Clutch his head and give O_O look*
H: ...
J: .... *thinks for awhile* .. Imagine this ! While she doing right, she go.. "Povertty!! Ohhh!! Povertttyy! Yes, Poverttyyy!!"
The Rest: LOLOLOLOLOL *laugh till wan pangsai*
J: "KINO!! KINOO!!! KINOOO!! Yes!" .... "Ahh. Okay, I think I will go to 5G now" *Acts out*
All : LOL!!
LK: What about Pn.K in a bikini?
All: OMG....
J: Big Momma's House 2?
All: LOL!
LK: *In between fits of cackles* LOL! *Points to J* SHE'S GOOD! SHE'S DAMN GOOD! HAHAHAHAHA
A: .Omg... my little brother wanna hide liao
All : LOL!

... We are all condemned.

It's getting late! Need to sleep!!

p/p/s : I just read my whole post ... and I think it sounds kind of lame.

... I must have been drunk last night.