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Friday, August 18, 2006 @ 11:29 PM
Welcome to Malaysia.

Gammas were allowed to go down to the auditorium today.

I brought toffees and sour peels just for the occasion. It was kind of boring, though, but it was way better than lessons.

There was one part when the Japs sang songs in a beautiful and enchanting chorus, and then Terence, unfortunately, who was sitting beside me, went in a loud sigh-and-laughter-combo, "Ahh. I love this song! It's so beautifuuull!"

Nearly the whole auditorium turned around and glared at us. "Shut up lah Terence!" all of us hissed, and the girl in front of us with her Form 4 boyfriend turned around and shot us a dirty look (which was aimed, for some reason, mostly at me).

Got boyfriend there still wanna act bitchy.

Bio teacher never showed up after the function ended when we waited for her in class.

We stood outside for a while, laughing at all the other classes who had lessons going on.

When some Japs walked by with their hosts, Khai Ric, Andrew, Dereck and Terence all rushed up and yelled, "OKAAAYY! DOMOOO! HARD GAY DESSSUUU!! HOOOO!"

Damn funny.

Then Joan drew her ultimate masterpiece : a cartoon version of Hard Gay!!!!

It looks damn good.

Joan's the next Picaso :D

We also hung around in the corridor, playing chi ku pak until we saw En.Taru on his way up.


Happy hols, everybody!