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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 @ 8:24 PM
Sunway Pyramid.

Last week, we went on a trip to Sunway Pyramid as a last outing with Naoto.

We hit the skating rink first. I didn't know how to tie the stupid laces on my stupid skates properly (I didn't pull tight enough) so thankfully I got some help from Suzanne and Bone.

I couldn't skate as well.

Thanks to the help of Bone-chan (she introduced herself to Naoto as "Hone" when we first met him) she taught me how to stop groping the sides of the rink and to get out in the middle with everyone else.

Andrew and Kaisin helped me out for a few seconds, but Andrew turned evil and let go of my hand when I was at the middle and pretended to skate away, going, "Bye, Winnie! Byeee!!!"

...If you were around Sunway Pyramid after school last Wednesday, and if you heard a demonlike scream, that was me.

We hogged the entrance, to some people's dismay. The small kids are Wen Liang's brother and sister. (Both have the same annoying British-wannabe accents which I can't stand. Argh!)

We took more pictures here, when we were waiting for the skating rink to be cleaned, but I don't have the pictures with me. I shall try to get them from Wenliang, and post them up some other day :D

We soon felt really tired, so we stopped skating and decided to eat.

Wah, damn shiok! We went to eat at this BBQ/steamboat place called Bar.B.Q which had a weird gator for its mascot.

The stuff to be put in the soup.

The kind guy who ushered us in to the shop explained how everything had to be done to be just perfect.

He also helped us to take a group photo!!!


*I hate my forced smiles* I can see *someone*'s Adam shining brightly~

Game ON! We rented three lanes. Guess which was the loser team. -_- . But it all was fun!


Even though Suzanne sometimes misses, her bowling form and the way she throws is BRILLIANT!! It's supposed to be that way ; but most of us bowled our own style, at our own pace.

sunway 4

Yeelin grasping a pink ball.

2nd part later! Flickr sucks with my layout.