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Wednesday, August 23, 2006 @ 12:34 PM
I scratch..


I found this site : A Smiley A Day !

You can choose a smiley as you wish and post a message!!!

PLEASE HELP PROMOTE THIS SITE!! (And post your smileys daily!!)

I'll prolly be posting later tonight!

****end updates****

Yesterday, I cut my nails
The nails I so lovingly grew, cared for for a month.
The nails I escaped checks on Monday morning for.

Mom la.
Force me to cut :(

Was thinking of growing it longer,
Maybe to the extent that I cannot even type properly.

But mom had to express her annoyance because whenever I tapped her shoulder, my nail would dig into her painfully.


All my nail polish have dried up!!!!!

I want O.P.I Nail Polish, but hard to find. Damn cute la this colour.

The shade is called "Holy Pink Pagoda".
Even the name is cute.

Can smell them cooking in the toaster already.

*Runs downstairs before bro steals my share*