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Thursday, September 14, 2006 @ 11:17 PM

Mark the time and day, people.


She's right up there now, pinned up next to Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou and F4 and Daniel Lee(sorry, Michelle, don't stab me) and Jaclyn Victor and S.H.E and Vanness (hello? it's a girl's name) Wu, and Kangta(Korean dudes hanging out with a sissy Taiwanese lala boy is SO dead to me.) and WHATEVER CHINESE BIMBO THAT IS POSING LIKE JOLIN TSAI GRACING A CD COVER. Jolin Tsai poses like a chicken that has just been electrocuted. O_O (THIS FACE) . Don't tell me that's sexy.

Anyway, XIAXUE IS SUCH AN INSENSITIVE, STUPID, UNCARING, SELF-CENTERED BIMBO who has no heart. Okay. I agree with her about the stupid tweens that are asking about if she had sex with Mike or not.


Fuck you, he was totally recognized before he died, HELLO? I watch his show every time I actually find it on Animal Planet.

My godma will kindly agree with that.

Stupid bimbo. Your boyfriend isn't even hot anyway. He's so fat, he looks like a doughnut.

Pah. I'm outta here. Trials on Monday and I haven't even started studying.