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Friday, January 25, 2008 @ 12:28 AM
We are broken..

Heath, you'll always be one of my favorite (gay) cowboys. Ever. I hope you're in a happier place - a place where sleeping pills aren't needed and a place where the word death means nothing.

Here's "Say" by this awesome unsigned band that I found again, called The Less. They're AWESOME, and I have a feeling that they're gonna be BIG this year. Their album's already out on iTunes. This song reminds me of Heath. <3 www.myspace.com/theless



On a much lighter note, I went shopping with Huai (and Terence) today, and we bought identical shirts from Zara. And i've got my concert tix!!!! I spent the rest of the day laughing my head off at Simple Plan videos. David is absolutely hilarious.

A few excerpts:-

Jeff: David is nuts. His mom must have dropped him or something when he was young.
(A while later)
David: Jeff said WHAT about me? Jeff said that my mom must have dropped me when I was young? Well, HIS mom must have pulled him by the hair when he was young.
(Points at Jeff, who is sitting holding a book upside down, looking confused and scratching his head)
David: LOOK! JEFF CAN'T READ! I feel so bad for him!
(Camera pans in towards Jeff, who realizes the book he is holding is upside down and he turns it around)

Sebastien: When we got here, David was a moron -
(Camera shows David being an ass, playing the guitar loudly while rocking out to music while the others try to record some music)
Sebastien: And then, he did David moron all day -
(Camera cuts to David running around, headbanging and playing air guitar)
Sebastien: And then, when we left, David was a moron -
(Camera cuts to David singing a tune and being an idiot)