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Wednesday, January 23, 2008 @ 12:01 AM
Theodore LIVES!.

So yesterday night Theodore the bimbotic elf aka. my alter ego hijacked my brain for a bit

No la.

I admit.

I had a brain fart -_-

"Eh Huai this is gonna sound REALLY stupid but how do I spell witch again? As in witch one? You know?"
"Oh. Yeah."

At the mo i'm concentrating on my writing and stuff, so I don't think i'll be designing or blogging anything for a while, UNLESS I get bored. You know, the usual. And I just remembered that there's still a cup of McFlurry Oreo waiting in the freezer for me to finish, so... -subtly scoots off-

p/s: I'm going to the Switchfoot concert on February the 2nd. With Huai and Andrew - that is, if we get tickets.


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