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Saturday, January 05, 2008 @ 9:57 PM

Been spending the afternoon trolling (and ripping) new music from MySpace.... (but you didn't need to know that). There are SO many good bands out there that don't have much international publicity.


That didn't sound right...

Whatever. On with it...

1) Mercy Mercedes
They're AWESOME. They're an up-and-coming band, and they're releasing their first EP called Casio Rodeo soon.

They're a mix of power pop, pop rock and rock - I don't know, really, but their song A Perfect Scene has been on repeat on my iTunes ever since I found it. It's addictive.


Tell me if you want their songs.

2) TV/TV
Unusual band name, huh?

Yeah. Hailing from New York, this band just released their album on iTunes for sale on the first day of this year. (No guesses how long it'll take for the album to be leaked, though so twiddle your thumbs and keep waiting...)

They're again, a mix of upbeat power pop and rock, and at first their sound will remind you of Maroon Five but they're NOTHING like them the deeper you listen.

Give them some love at http://www.myspace.com/tvkicksass NOW.

Again, tell me if you want their songs :)

And yes, TV/TV DOES kick ass.

3) Farewell

Don't get fooled by all the cute monsters adorning their page.

Hanging out in Greensboro, North Carolina, in a music scene saturated by hardcore and screamo, the six members of Farewell felt compelled to do something different. Instead of falling into the scenes around them, the group wove together threads of pop-punk, synth rock and tight harmonies into a unique power-pop sound, a melodic blast that owes as much to the Beach Boys as it does to Green Day. As they began to tour throughout the East, attracting new fans in every city they played, the band’s undeniable hooks began to attract label attention, including that of Epitaph owner Brett Gurewitz. Now, with a dedicated fan base, rocking live show, and shiny new CD to their name, Farewell are ready to take on America. Say hello to Farewell.

You heard it.



There's a couple of other bands that I found but i'm too lazy to list them all out but these three are my absolute FAVORITE. Love them to bits. Want more? Ask me.

Tell me if you want the songs, all right?

Or if you know how to get them yourself......