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Friday, April 21, 2006 @ 1:51 AM

At school again... (in the Explorer Lab again...)

I'm sorry for not having major updates for so long...

It's just that at this point , there's nothing really exciting to blog about...


1) Red House will might lose in Sports Day, where we will, as usual, go tumbling down the charts.

2) Pressure - exam coming.

3) Pressure - Maple - I'M STILL LVL 47 AND I HAVE TO WEAR MY CALAF!

4) I wanna buy so many things.. but no money. And mom too busy to take me out. :(

5) Can't get to see The Click Five at Sunway Lagoon this Saturday! *Cries*

6) Mom got pain in her chest.. it makes me remember what happened with my dad...


Life is soo complicated.

And i'm happy you guys are still there for me.