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Thursday, September 28, 2006 @ 7:01 PM
Winnie's Inner Thoughts..

During accounts class.

I am forced to eavesdrop, cause since the table is so small, and people are talking so loud.

Girl 1: She and him used to be together you know.
Girl 2: Ohmygawdd. Are you, like, even serious?
Girl 1: Yeahhh.... Ohmygawd *whines Girl 2's name* ... YOU DIDN'T LIKE, KNOW?
Girl 2: Like, noooo!!
Girl 1: They're over now, though.
Girl 2: Is she, like, in our school?
Girl 1: Um, no. She lives far far away.
Girl 2: Is she dead?

Winnie's Inner Thought : .... BIG BIG BIG SWEATDROP. Yes. Girl 2 has a verrryy chunted imagination.

Girl 1: ... Like, nooo! She just lives very far away from us.
Girl 2: (Probably realizing her stupidity) ... Oh. I think I get it now.
*Both giggle annoyingly*
Girl 1: I hate her, though.
Girl 2: Her?
Girl 1: Yeah.
Girl 2: Why?
Girl 1: Cos she went out with him before. That's why I hate her.
Girl 2: But she lives far far awayy!!
Girl 1: .... Doesn't mean I don't have to hate her, right?
Girl 2: *Stops and thinks for a second* Oh. Right.
Girl 1: *Giggles annoyingly*

W.I.T : ......I feel like pairing Girl 1 up with Kevin. Gee, they'll make a perfect match. Or Terence can be their BFF. Cos he talks exactly like they do.

Girl 2: But you haven't even met her before.
Girl 1: So? I still hate her.
Girl 2: Point. *Giggles*

Why do the girls in my Accounts tuition class HAVE TO BE SUCH BIMBOS?

I always feel like i'm watching White Chicks on replay.