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Saturday, February 24, 2007 @ 4:38 PM


Last Friday, we decided to get together in SS15 (behind SriKL) to celebrate Andrew's birthday and just hang out.
Finally visited Pn.Sanizah, and had a long chat with her, Pn. Rozita (who I kinda forgot about, but when I saw her I mentally kicked myself for that... plus, it was her birthday too...) and Puan. Junaidah.
Oh, and Pn.Zurina too, but she kinda ignored us.
Class teacher some more. Tsk tsk tsk.

Walking into SriKL again, my memories came alive.
It felt as if I was a student there again, to walk the Form 5 corridor, and sit in the canteen.
They raised my favorite teh ais price up to RM1.10.

After walking aimlessly around, me, Huai and Terence decided to take a look at what 5Gamma had become of since we left.
And Gawd, we were in for a surprise.
The lockers we'd "decorated" were gone.
The '5Gamma's HardGay' sign that I wrote on the wall with marker pen was gone.
They added new whiteboard pieces at the sides.
Then, the reality sunk in.
The 5 Gamma that we knew was gone.

The slogan at the top of the whiteboard was soooo lame.
"Do Your Best To Beat The Rest."
It sounded like some cheesy chant from a cheerleader routine.

We headed to PizzaHut for lunch with Andrew and KaiSin and Adam.

And when walking back, I met Jason on the way back to Taylors' Subang to meet Huai (who'd run off early to catch a class, but found out later that it was canceled).
:D There. Mentioned. LOL
***end edit***

Joan being siao at HolidayVilla. :]

Owh, my fave part of conversation on that day :-
We were sitting in the canteen, and I was enjoying my teh ais, when Huai went.
"All of us have problems with guys."
And I went, "Yeah."
And all of a sudden, Drew went, "Yeah, I have problems with guys too."
And he snuck a peek at Pounds.
Was laughing so hard,
I clapped a hand over my mouth full with teh ais and tried not to spit it all out.

Thanks a lot, Drew. :P

We should have more outings in the future.
Miss you guys.

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