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Friday, February 16, 2007 @ 7:46 PM
Sweet Tooth..

I Have A Sweet Tooth

:D .. I do.
Been craving for chocolate-covered marshmallows ever since Wednesday evening.
I didn't get to buy a marshmallow stick that day, only a choc covered strawberry.

Sweet Tooth & FICM pics

BEWARE, shitload of pictures, most taken from Nash's mac.

Munsuet, Nash & yours truly.

Kien's hair, MunSuet, Nashhie, Moi & WeiHong

MunSuet & Geoff ... sexy beast!

MunSuet, WeiHong & Geoff.

You're wanted!!

WeiJiin looks sneaky.

MunSuet, Evon & Moi
I wonder whose hand is that.
I like the way he/she bent it.

JooJoo, Von, Nashie, moi and half of Jess.

ZJ, Evon, me, Jess & Don.
Evon is funny.

I was searching for the chocolate covered marshmallow stick that Don was holding. =/

ZhengJoo, Moi, Jess & Don and Mr.ChocolateCoveredMarshmallow..

We all want a lick, don't we...

Don feeding Jess.

ZJ, me, Nashhie, Flo & Ameliaaa :]

Muahahaha, me eating MunSuet's hand...

Syaf, with a super cheesy grin, ZhengJoo, Me & Nash.

Nash, me & Rain.

Nash, MunSuet, WeiHong & Me.

Syaf, Nash & WeiHong.
I like this pic too.

Funny Nash & JingChen.

Lish, suave Nash & Dara!

Syaf, Me, Jason, Dara, MunSuet, ZhengJoo, Ying & Nash the Pirate.

Speaking of Pirates...

Moi, Jason, MunSuet, ZJ, Ying & Mr.Pirate.
Cheesy grins from the girls...

Emo pouts. (Except mine.)


This makes us look as if we're all in the past.
Or in a comic strip.
Or when the movie stops at some era, that shows happiness & a family photo.

Robin looks really suave wifout specs... O_O
*rubs eyes*

Me & Syaf were laughing at something. :P
Poor ZhengJoo.
Evil Robin -_-.

Squishing to get a pic with Alicia!

You dudes rule.

I like YiYing in this pic.
You pro.
Spot me. :]


Comic strip.
I like Jason's & Syaf's pose :]


Robin is silly & Su's kissing Flo's purse.

Superman-ish Robin.
Jing's da man.

Syaf :P

One of my fave pix in this whole photo booth thing. :P
Syaf, Jason, ZJ and I.

Jason & Jing are morphing into one.
And I see WeiHong.


Nad's the bomb.
Love my black t-shirt so much I wore it today. :P
I want the pink one oso yah.

Bad statue.

Mr.FunnyMan. :)
You rule!
Was tempted to...

Cos I DO!

I love WeiJiin's shirt!

Our shuz!

Wearin' WeiHong's specs.

After selling out stuff, we were sooooo tired.
Crashed @ The MPH, Annexe.

I was eating a marshmallow.
Being the pig that I am.

They're so huge, and people keep coming back for more.
Honey or chocolate dipped, they're deeelishhh!

Actually, there's anotha pic, but Miss YouKnowWho went and ruined it by biting my shoulder.
I didn't even realize after I heard an annoying fake americanised accent behind me go :


They pose like this whenever they see a camera.
They're not scared of me!

Owh gawd, i'm finally done.
Off to take a shower!


Finally visited Pn.Sanizah, Pn.Rozita, Mr.Ng, Mr.LimHongBoon, Pn.Junaidah, Pn.Zurina and *ugh* SHANTA today -_-.
Pn.Dayang too ! :D



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