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Monday, April 09, 2007 @ 9:20 PM
A day of change..


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Random conversations:

Jason: *takes out the two special... ... um, round things he brought in his digi bag*
ZJ : how u gonna put it on?
Jason: *brings out sellotape*
Us: Ohhhhh.
ZJ: You're gonna wrap it around izit?
Jason: Donno (or something liddis lar i forget adi)
Syaf: sure akan jatuh right...
Jason: Use elephant glue.
Syaf&I : LOLOLOLOLOLOL (laugh till wan pengsan :P)

Alah Jason I forgot what the aunty said adi at the bubble tea shop -_- later oni post up lar :P


A lot of people (i mean a lot. nearly whole class lol) said I looked different today :P
Cos' I went to the hairdressers' on Friday cos' I seriously cannot stand my fringe - I eat curry mee, my fringe pun makan.
I eat yee min, my fringe pun makan.
So bye bye fringe!!!! *Snip*!

And I got new contacts... cos my old brand damn sucky canot take out so I went to change it and they gave me a full refund plus add-on some ringgit cos this new brand Acuvue abit more expensive.
And also my specs have to repair.

:) I'm still me lar alamak.

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