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Saturday, April 07, 2007 @ 11:57 AM
Metamorphosis, Day Two..

One year ago, I finally learnt how to play Mafia! *click click*


Owh yeah, the day before when I was in the car, I saw THISSSS breathtaking view.
Lifted up my camera and... *snap* :D

We all trooped down to CR25 and set up base first thing in the morning...

Dara and Lish put us all in charge of counting beans, so we did!!!

(15 minutes later, after some distractions, Jing went .. "Diu.. I lost count already." LOL)

Ooooo I see Syaf, Jing, Evon, Alice, PhuiYinn, Pat, VoonVoon and meeee :D

Geoff washed his shirt and..............
His shirt turned out this way... the front of the shirt mix with the back and the back of the shirt mix with the front.
Don't know how he did it.

Syaf and I, I think Nash took it.

Close-up shot of beans
Syaf counting the beans with lots of concentration :D

More concentration...

Couple of moments later she grabbed the cup and found an empty place on the floor.

Alissa being sampat. :)

Dhen after finishing counting the beans, me Geoff and Nash headed up to the garden/roof to test-hang a sack full of Jason's books.
Me and Geoff climbed up the stairs while Nash stayed at the bottom to see if the sack touched the ground or not.
:P Managed to snap a photo.

Then a few of us followed Lish and Dara around to set up the clues for the Amazing Race and we went up to the roof to help tie sacks.

Snapped a view of TCPJ from the roof..

Ze boys tying the sacks, while i jumped around picking a sack to put five clues each in.

Geoff asked me to see if the last sack was short enough for other people to reach in so I did. :P

Added the scissor brush for effect :P
In between these 2 pictures, the Amazing Hunt was on, so didn't take picture. :D

Jing took 3 hours + to do the multimedia assignment!
And it was a hit!
*Claps* Good job, Jing!!!!!!!

Jing giving speech.

AFTER the closing ceremony!

Munsuet, Flo, Surekha, WeiHong and Geoffrey.

Poor Jason lol they shoo-ed him away.. :P

Woooo asked Andrea to take it for us. :)
Thankx Andrea, you're an awesome photographer :D
The tudung-ed lady at the side was starin at us like we're crazy.

Gah. The sack...

After that a few of us went pool to chill... with Miss.T!!!
This is Geoffrey...

Flo and Miss.T ....


Andddd MunSuet!!!!
And not forgetting WeiHong, Surekha, Robin and ZhengJoo and others lar if I forgot you!

Woot, I've got to run now, cos i'm going....

With my darling Guavas :DDDD

Yesterday I did something.........


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