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Thursday, April 05, 2007 @ 10:33 PM

Got this from Jason's blog.
Sian lar.

All you other taggers dont really do tags any more. :(

1. Color of most clothes you own?
- a mix, actually. but now, when i look inside my cupboard, the color of most clothes i own are brown. o_____________O i need some color!!!!!!!

2. Number of pillows you sleep with.
-Satu. Cos if I no pillow, I can sleep with my Patrick dog :P

3. where are you right now?
-In front of the computer, pondering about you.

4. what are you doing 12 AM last night?
-SMS-ing Dollar. Thanks for offering your great advice Drew :) I'm going to stick to it.

5. how old will you be in 10 years?
-26 , and chasing my dreams! (28 years old aint so old leh Jason -_-)

6. what do you think you’ll be doing in 15 years?
-Hm, 31 :P I wonder if I shall be having my magazine.... YES I WILLL . I shall be editor-in-chief of Glambition magazine!

7. do you have braces?

8. are you paranoid?
-Damn paranoid. I can't help thinking about losing ... you.

9. describe your wallet?
-No wallet. My wallet = plastic bag :(

10. your alarm clock?
-My alarm clock is my phone :D And my special ring tone for my alarm is Joan going "Uh oh, Billy" repeatedly until I grab my phone and stab the off button.

11. you hair?
-Black.. but dono why my mom say my hair looks brown-ish.

12. tooth brush?
-Green-white Oral B!

13. what color are your eyes?
-Dark brown. My dad's eyes are light brown! NO FAIR!

14. unforgettable enemy?
-I shall never forget you for ripping out my heart and tearing it in two. Yes. You. And you're still doing it now. :(

15. first play/musical/performance?
- Forgot lah. But the nearest one I can remember is the time when I was the emcee - yes, emcee - for Yamaha's kindy piano program, wearing a lacey skirt and ribbons in my hair, and I did a piano solo. :DDDDDD I can't play the piano now, I don't know why.

16. last movie seen in cinema?
-The Blood Diamond rocked socks!! :D Leo Di Caprio ~

17. last person you yelled at?
- Wilson. -_- he sucks. BAH.

18. last crush?
- Well, someone close to my heart :D haha. I wonder.

19. last shoes worn?
- my trusty converse sneakers

20. last ice cream eaten?
- gawsh green tea ice cream from Rakuzen Jap restaurant. LETS GO HAVE AN ICE CREAM OUTING SOOON! I NEEEEEEEEEEED GOOD ICE CREAM!

21. last word written by hand?

22. last time you wanted to die?
Well, every day, since.... -_- its too sad to explain.

23. when was the last time you went out at night?
Forgot when. OH. The time when me and Joan took the bus back from Midvalley all the way to SS2, jampacked between this smelly fat guy with forrible (fucking horrible) B.O with a ginormous backpack on his back and a lady with a tudung with inches of space between her and the next person and SHE STILL WOULDN'T MOVE.

24. what was the last song you heard?
Undiscovered - James Morrison. Thankx Flo!

25. what is about the opposite sex?
They're very good listeners :D and good advice givers and great company.

26. what do you want to do now?
talk to you, but i seriously am damn tongue-tied. therefore, i stay silent :(

27. what’s the first thing you ate this morning?
Milo and biskut. Makanan pesakit. BLEK.

28. what’s the one song you never get over?
Move Along - All American Rejects. Keeps me going whenever I get kicked down again and again.

And the missing number twennynine? o_O Fine, i'll make up a question!

29. Latest celebrity crush?
Muahahahaha :D Always my Cristiano Ronaldo!

30. fav day of the week?
Mondays through Fridays, cos' thats when I don't get stuck at home with my family and my stupid little brother.

So short! :(
But i'll go blog-hopping now, so ... yeah.