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Saturday, March 31, 2007 @ 5:11 PM
A series of events..

The past few days have been very the emo-ish.
Soli ah. I aporogize! 8D

Just because one stupid friend betrayed me does not mean my world is going to end.
I still have people like Joan, Huai, Ter, Adam, Drew, Kai, WL, Jason, WeiHong, Evon, and many more :DD
Yeslah, and you too, si potato.
Stupid keladi who grows in Penang which I met on Maple. -_-

Hear that, sucker?
Think you can put me down one more time?
Bring it on, and hear me ROAR!

At home...

Thursday, at pool...

Jason's turn at shooting.

Used magnifying glass shot.
Can even see the powder inside the chalk.

Mass Colympics 07

Tink this will be the only Mass Colympics for us, since next year we all will be in degree?
Hope not!
Shot by Evon.
The coolest lecturer ever :P

I only played one round...
Cos' at the end of the round, even though we won by default cos' someone got disqualified, I took off my mask accidentally and quickly put it on again, cos I couldn't see a thing.
Should have worn contacts :(

Super ganas.
Tsk tsk tsk.

Miss. Catherine was damn chun.
So was the "coolest male lecturer".
LOL forgot his name again.

We lost!

And here come the injuries...

First, Don.

The thing missed his ass by like a few inches.
But it hit a more sensitive part instead. LOLs.
He later took a hit on the head.
Stunned for a few seconds.

Second, Jason.
Got hit on the arm.
Third, Florence.
Who got hit on the neck.
And finger.

Fourth, Tash.
Neck as well.

Fifth, Kien.
Head shot.

Sixth, Geoff.
Face-shot, but kena-ed his mask (lucky leh!)

Seventh, Zheng Joo
Poor girl got hit on the butt.

Eighth, Dara.
Got hit on the back.

Headed to Starbucks with Jing, Florence, Surekha, ZJ, Miss. Tharshni, Jason, Lish, Justin and another girl who I forgot her name. :]
Damn nice lar, sitting with your lecturer and joking.

Went to cari Pounds after awhile, then when we were walking back to Starbucks, he spotted Dollar and Kai across the road outside Starbucks.
I tell you, he screamed "DOLLLLARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" damn loud.. from way across the road..
Dollar should be damn happy. LOL

And someone's car kena tow.
I won't say who.
But someone.

Last Tuesday, in class.

Jason: Come come! Picture!!
I was practically asleep lar.
Jason: Wei! What doing you lar? Haha look look!
Me: *opens one eye to look at the photo* LOL!

When I was less-sleepy.

I was grinning like XDXDXD.
Super XD.
Shows how much I love pictures. :P

Are you cool enough to wear Gap?

Seriously, lets have a hoodie day. :P
Everyone'll wear hoodies!

:P Jing lying down on the table.
Den Evon said like Amber Chia.
So we nicknamed him Amber Jing.


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