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Friday, March 23, 2007 @ 8:15 PM
A trip to Killiney's.

In MidValley Megamall, where JoanTheBone was working.

We walked gingerly to the place where she was working;
trying not to burst out laughing at the excitement of it all.
we grabbed some stools, and sat - tried not to look at her face, and waited for her exclamation of "ohmygod!"
but i couldn't resist, i peeked.

the look on her face was Undescribable.
a mix of surprise and the sudden desire to kill three certain people who were grinning from ear to ear, sitting a few feet away from her.

Aneh burst into his easy laughter when she approached us, and she gave us a familiar Boney grin.

Well, the overall atmosphere at Killiney's was really nice - really old school, marble tabletops, wooden stools, and the scent of coffee - though mingled with cigarette smoke - lingered in the air.
Not knowing what to eat, Andrew shut his eyes and stabbed at the menu with a finger. :P

In the end, I ordered a curry chicken with rice, KaiSin ordered a mee siam, and Andrew ordered mee rebus.
Their toast was out of this world!! Damn nice.
We were served by Bone of course, and also Colin, her co-worker from Nepal.

He was really friendly - when he wasn't in the middle of exchanging profanities with Joan, of course.
He joked with us even as we ordered our food.

Must go there again. :)

When we'd said our goodbyes to Joan, and when we were walking cluelessly around;
Aneh rubbed his hands over his tummy and - yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is our quote of the day - went:
"I feel pregnant."

Then there was a pause before I cracked up and
smacked him with a hand and exclaimed "You're a boy!!!! DAMN GAY LARRR!!"
Bursting into laughter, we wandered into TagHeuer, laughing our heads off.
I miss these times when Drew would say something totally random - (the last one I remember was "I feel so sexy" -_-) - and we'd all have fun.

After seeing KaiSin and Drew off, I popped by MPH, and got myself some books to read.

The way the author of this last book wrote was so inspiring.
Going to write another short story tonight - haven't written one in a long time.

content with my purchases, i wandered over to Starbucks, and bought myself a grande green tea frappucino.

I went home, a very content and happy Guava indeed :D

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