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Wednesday, March 21, 2007 @ 10:34 PM
Of today, Starbucks and McDonalds..

Random conversation today:

During Human Comm. class, we were learning about conflicts, avoiding conflicts, postponing conflicts, compromising and stuff.

Miss.T: Okay, Rachel, answer my question!
Robin: Which one? Geek Rachel or Ribena Geek Rachel?
All: LOL
Miss.T: Okay fine, ordinary Robin.
Robin: Hey, i'm only ordinary from the belt up okay!


Today's classes were really fun.
Well, minus the English and the Malaysian Studies one.
Seriously damn boring.
Had lots of fun in Human Comm, thanks to WeiJiin and Robin.

We had some .. er.. conflicts :P with the PR students who were organizing the MassColympics thing, but it was all sorted out in the end!
Going to play paintball, and to kick some lecturer butt.

Lish and Geoff held the very first S.A.Y club meeting today, and all the juniors (thanks to Miss.T) attended.
Amir was one of the only two boys in the 2nd batch.
Was really nice talking to someone I finally knew from school.
When it came to the voting for the commitee members, Jason raised his hand high into the air several times to vote Amir, but he was constantly ignored till the end. :P

Robin was really funny;
He was a hit among the juniors. :P

Well, needless to say, looking forward to future S.A.Y club meetings!!!

Last Thursday, Jing, Lish, Jason, Geoff, Dara and I went to Carrefour for free coffee from Starbucks.
Armed with two cameras, of course.

(Photo creds to my Sony T-10, Jason and Lish.)

While the rest drank free coffee, I couldn't resist and ordered myself a grande green tea frappucino.
I am hooked.

I like the way Jason took these photos.
Looks very homey and nice :D
Makes me wanna reach into the screen and just grab a cup.

Geoff arranged the straws :D

:P Camwhore faiiiled.

We headed off to SubangParade across the street from Carrefour to have some McD's.
All that coffee made Jason dizzy, and Geoff and Jing went into hyper mode, singing and dancing Britney Spears' Oops I Did It Again all the way.

The expression on Dara's face is priceless, Jason's laughing his head off and i'm pigging out on a fry :P

Wooh i'm hungry.

Jing with the tomato sauce.
And Geoff's phone.

Outside Memory Lane.

Lish looks cute in her new hairband and Jing's smile just radiates off the page. :P
No editing needed for this pic.
It's beautiful as it is already :D

$%!$#%@ !!!
Bloody fringe.
Hates it.

Before we walked back... Jing couldn't resist taking one last picture.
Of who else but ............ :P

Back at campus, we headed up to XZ, for the boys to play pool and the girls to watch what the guys were doing :P

And lastly...

:D I love Thursdays.

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